Indigenous Goddess Gang

Creating a space for sharing medicine through poetry, food & seed knowledge, herbalism, music and more. This is a space for reclaiming knowledge from an indigenous feminist lens. Each issue we will continue to grow and share the knowledge of our matriarchs and share that medicine. 

Indigenous Goddess Gang is a space intended for INDIGENOUS people. We've had our land taken from us, we've had our cultures taken from us,  we've had our languages taken from us. This is a step towards reclaiming our knowledge, identity and medicine.  This site is not intended for exploiting or appropriating.  Tread lightly and respectfully. 

Tanaya Winder

Tanaya Winder

We Were Stolen


One day when we're all gone

and you think we've disappeared.


You'll realize we were stolen. The earth

will continue to split herself open in mourning.


The morning sun will no longer rise because you failed

to protect those who are so powerful they're in sync with the moon.


And soon, hurricane, tsunami high waves will cover the land

in the water you didn't care to protect because


you thought oil was more precious than life.

Our Mother will shake in her wailed grieving so hard 


to stir you from complacency. Pipelines will break

and the fractured sites will turn flame


as Mother Earth sets herself on fire.

And as you're being swallowed whole


you'll wish you paid more attention, wish you listened,

wish you believed, wish you protected


instead of abused or misused us.

Don't just bear witness at rallies or see us in headlines


that declare "missing" then "body found" then "murdered"

and then claim that you'll protect us.


See us when we're alive

not just when we go missing, get stolen, and murdered.


Remember that we are real, we are worthy, and

we deserve to be seen with each beat our hearts take,


each beat our hearts make

as we continue to birth revolutions.

Close your eyes, rest your head, breathe in deeply down into the belly. Feel the fullness and energy of the light meant to fill you. This time you have nothing to be afraid of. Let go of fear for it has made you its  (3).png
Rose B. Simpson

Rose B. Simpson

Sunny "Luta" Red Bear

Sunny "Luta" Red Bear