Find Your Warrior Spirit


Welcome Relatives!

We are delighted to present to you ISSUE 4 of Indigenous Goddess Gang! This issue’s theme is Find your Warrior Spirit and is the second section of our Pueblo Edition. Through the production of these two issues we have seen, heard & learned about the beauty & resilience of our Pueblo Relatives.

For this issue, legendary Cochiti Pueblo artist Virgil Ortiz graces the magazine as our Fashion section's featured artist with an in depth look at his renowned series Blind Archers. San Ildefonso Pueblo activist Jennifer Marley shares her literature in this month’s Land, Water, Dignity section and is also the model for our Photo Femme section along with photographer Alanna Bluebird. We welcome back Alanna, a multi-talented Dene Blackfoot Goddess who was also highlighted in ISSUE 2 as our Word To Your Mother featured poet. Our featured poet for this issue’s Word To Your Mother section is Ute Girl on Fire Tanaya Winder. For our Music Medicine section we are honored to feature O'odham singer/songwriter Raye Zaragoza! Raye will hit the road this summer on tour with some of our favorite bands, Scatter Their Own, Nahko & Medicine for the People & Dispatch! Also for this issue Arikara, Diné and Iyanktowan Dakota fitness advocate Christine Means premiers her new Strong Women Video Series and our Goddess section highlights Comanche/Kiowa artist J. Nicole Hatfield. And our team of incredible ongoing contributors share more of their medicine and knowledge in relationship to Indigenous seeds, food, midwifery and smashing the patriarchy!!!

This series has blessed us with the opportunity to honor our Pueblo Relatives and to re-establish kinship with them. Our elders tell us of days when neighboring tribes would gather, trade, feast & dance. We honor these relationships and look forward to working with other tribes across Turtle Island and globally. We will do our best to keep growing and learning and to share what we can. It is up to us all to collectively work to reclaim Indigenous power! Our goal in this series is not only to re-establish kinship with our Pueblo Relatives but also to learn about the many different Pueblo villages. Like all Indigenous communities, all Pueblo cultures are not the same. Our ultimate goal as a collective is to deconstruct stereotypes and reclaim our diversity as Indigenous peoples, while uniting through our many intersections.  

It has been an honor to work and learn from these fierce and kind Pueblo Relatives. We will carry their medicine with us always! The Indian wars haven’t ended and our Pueblo Relatives are still revolting and deconstructing colonialism, defending their land & way of life.

We have the most sincere respect for all 19 Pueblos!

Indigenous Goddess Gang
Editors Kim Smith & Ginger Dunnill