Katarina Yazzie Photography

Katarina Yazzie Photography


Issue 8

As the season is shifting, we acknowledge the need for hibernation and storytelling, to make space to listen to the events of the year and to form our intentions for our journeys to come. We pray and we regroup with our ancestors and relatives and we align our work in our communities, we look at what has been working and what has not. We are accountable for how we may not have been able to show up for our communities, and we learn. We forgive those in our lives that were not able to show up for our communities and we support them to learn. We stand stronger than we ever could have imagined, digging our roots into the soil, practicing gratitude and acknowledging all that has come before us and will come after. We are blessed in all the layers of existing in this place and this time. We are Grateful.

This issue of IGG is an acknowledgement to be Grateful, to slow down, to listen, to forgive, to reconnect with the heart and spirit. As we move into the winter, may we all set intentions that will unfold into the spring and beyond. This issue represents the moment of Gratitude before a Rebirth. Shifting out of habits which may have held us back as individuals and communities. We shed these layers that do not serve us any longer and we move forward into spaces of clarity as we prepare for winter and the year to come. Next month our humble publication will be celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary, and as we move into the work and medicine this project will support in the coming year, we are excited to approach a new format which will honor the content in a more in depth and relational way, Indigenous Goddess Gang has some exciting shifts we will be announcing in our next issue! Until then we invite you to experience this issue and join us in Gratitude for all of the Indigenous Goddesses who continue to share their wisdom and to join us in Gratitude to you, the community who continue to support IGG and remind us of the criticality of this type of work, every day.

Issue 8 is brimming with insight, inspiration and medicine. Our Fashion feature is Winston Paul. Goddess highlights the collective Merciless Goddesses. Photo Femmes spotlights the work of cinematographer Razelle Benally. Indigenous Midwifery features Stories From The Road by Nicolle Gonzales. Seed Keeper’s Harvest features Fertile Resistance and Reconciliation by Rowen White. Food Medicine brings us a delicious Spicy Bean Dip and Guacamole recipe by Maizie White. Music Medicine showcases music by Black Belt Eagle Scout. Word To Your Mother features unreconciled, a poem by Eagle River. Land, Water, Dignity features 5 Indigenous Women Healing The Climate Crisis by Jade Begay. Dear Patriarchy presents a podcast feature Traditional Evolution: Indigenous Queers Reclaiming Identity Honored Through R.I.S.E. Fellowship. Strong WomXn amplifies the work of Indigenous health and wellness initiative Well For Culture and highlights co-founder Chelsey Luger. Self Care Medicine features an in depth look at common mallow and globe mallow in Mallow Is Medicine by Auntie Asdzaan Nez. A Tribe Called Beauty kicks off a Traditional Tattoo Series by Bee Millar. Healing My Body Is Healing The Land presents Healing SZN by Kim Smith where she reports back on her summer watershed and land, body restoration project. And Indige-SLAY gives critical insight for the upcoming Holiday in Choosing A Culturally Appropriate Halloween Costume. Find all the latest features of Issue 8 in the sections below, and don’t forget to browse through the archives for all the incredible content from past Issues. We also have some amazing merch up in our Goddess Shop, don’t forget to get geared up while supporting your local Goddess Gang!

In the deepest gratitude, love and respect,

Kim Smith and Ginger Dunnill

Indigenous Goddess Gang