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Issue 6

Our humble publication has reached its 6th edition!
This issue’s theme is I AM GODDESS! This is a call to action and Indigenous self love as we work to re-center ourselves with our Goddess Mama Earth. We rise up to meet the radical Femme energy in our hearts and reclaim our space as Indigenous Goddess Warriors! We raise our fists in the air, we protect our Indigenous ancestral lands, our ceremonies and our relatives; we decolonize that ‘throne’ mentality by our very existence as Indigenous people! I AM GODDESS is a reminder to all our Indigenous and POC Femme identifying relatives that we can dream bigger than we are taught by our oppressive society and that we are SO worthy of our ancestral knowledge, skills and medicine!!

For our Fashion component of Issue 6, we collaborated photographer MUA and OXDX Boss Babe Hannah Manuelito to begin homage to our Apache relatives. San Carlos Apache matriarch Grace Miles serves looks in nDee mommy -Aniinashaa Ndih Shime' Goljj and OXDX unveils matriarch powah in our second photoshoot feature. (Shout out to the OXDX CREW!) Our Goddess section features an informative look at the herstory of the Pavlovo Posad Textile (Sa’ani Scarves)  Manufactory and its integration into Navajo fashion, written by Goddess Nicole Lefthand. Our Music Medicine section highlights the fierce Femme band Nizhóní Girls; composed of three indigenous womxn rooted in the Navajo Nation and Pueblo of Laguna, their sound has been described as “desert surf with a sprinkling of country”. We are honored to feature Hannah Manuelito in our Photo Femme section, Hannah was the first photographer that we worked with on issue 1 and six issues later we welcome her back! In our Indigenous Midwifery section, Nicole Gonzales shares an in depth look at contemporary Indigenous midwifery practices in the article Honoring our Past, Rebuilding Our Future. Our Seed Keeper Rowen White shares an incredible piece of writing titled Together We Rise, in honor those who have helped her find the pathway home through food and seeds. In our Food Medicine section, Maizie Hellegers shares how to make Maple Tajîn Trail Mix; a delicious, healthy, Indigenous on the go snack recipe! Our Dear Patriarchy section features an in depth look at the exhibition of A Nation Is A Massacre which features the work of artist and activist initiative R.I.S.E.: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment and Demian DinéYazhi’, its founder. Word To Your Mother features three poems by Umatilla, Nez Perce, Sac and Fox, Anishinaabe writer and storyteller Melissa Bennett. In our Land, Water, Dignity section, Indigenous media Goddess Jade Begay shares an incredible story of the movement to protect Oak Flat, also known to the San Carlos and Chiricahua Apache as Chich’il Bildagoteel. Our Sacred Moon Cycles section features BrownGemmes, an essay by Diné goddess Theresa Blair providing a firsthand account of her and her communities work to maintain and protect Indigenous ceremony. Our very own Strong Woman Goddess Christine Means shares a documentary interview clip with comedian, writer and mother Adrianne Chalepah titled: Advice From A Super Mom in our Strong Women section. And our Self Care Medicine section offers a strong medicine poem for all the healers out there titled, Show Me Your Magic by our own Diné Auntie Asdzaan Nez. Lastly, in Healing the Land Is Healing my Body, Kim Smith introduces her watershed work camp & Hogan building society!

We are thankful for the continued opportunity to support Indigenous creativity and expression. We appreciate all the encouragement, love and exchange we have received! It uplifts us every month to share this medicine! With Indigenous Goddess Gang, we are not creating your typical ‘magazine’. IGG is not printed, high budget, or capitalist driven. IGG is a celebration of Indigenous Femmes!! IGG is Matriarch Medicine!!! Indigenous Goddess Gang is a learning process, and each issue gets stronger with the support from all of our badass Goddess contributors and extended community. We are humbled by and grateful to you all!

Indigenous Goddess Gang
Editors Kim Smith & Ginger Dunnill


++++ Cover Model: Lyla Begay | Diné | Photography/Makeup by Hannah Manuelito | Styled by OXDX | OXDX "End Police Violence" tee++++