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Issue 7


In the act of self love and self care as Indigenous femmes, we connect back to our bodies and spirits and in turn connect back to the earth body, healing ourselves and healing the land. In this act of self love, we acknowledge that our spirits cannot truly be healed until our environment is healed, and self love and self care are the first actions to healing our goddess earth. Josie Valadez Fraire powerfully articulates radical and unapologetic self love in a poem accompanying our Fashion feature of Shy Natives, “Shy Natives isn’t about just making cute bralettes for indigenous womxn to wear...or developing beautiful pictures...it’s about fueling the power of healing through comfort..feeling the strength in our voices as we say “yes” to ourselves...and seeing the force of our raw bodies thriving unapologetically...it’s about our duty to break free of these toxic systems and what they do to our bodies...it liberates...even if just for a weekend of ceremony for Brown bodies…like mine...like yours...like ours.

Through each section of this issue, we celebrate SELF LOVE, connection to the Goddess Earth, our Indigenous ancestors and our contemporary thriving communities. We are excited to premiere our revamped beauty section Indige-SLAY with Juliana Brown Eyes, a multi-talented Indigenous/Polynesian Artist based on the Pine Ridge Reservation whose work strengthens the arts in her community and in Native communities nationally. Indige-SLAY features beauty products by Indigenous Goddess owed Companies: Quwutsunmade & Cheekbone Beauty, Jewels by: Eighth Generation & & Music by : A Tribe Called Red.  Our Goddess section presents A Self Love Spell by Adrienne Maree Brown. Saani's Closet features an depth look at our Fashion spotlight Shy Natives accompanied by a sweet Q&A with founders and Northern Cheyenne sisters Madison Craig and Jordan Craig. In our Self Care Medicine section, Auntie Asdzaan Nez presents instruction on How To Heal Injury After Traumatic Events, where she shares crucial healing medicines to use if you or someone you know was battered or injured. Our Sacred Moon Cycles section features an expose on the toxic feminine hygiene product industry and offers tips and alternatives to keep your body save during your moon cycle in the article SHAME ON YOU!! Feminine Hygiene Industry written by Theresa Blair. In our Healing My Body Is Healing The Land section, Kim Smith presents an empowering essay on remembering self love titled What relationship did my ancestors have to Land & Body before contact. Our Indigenous Midwifery section feature, Human Rights in Childbirth & Personhood by Indigenous Midwife Nicolle L. Gonzales provides an in depth look at the challenges of modern times in maneuvering cultural systems of the past, present and future, while bringing forth our medicine children rooted in our ancestral teachings. In our Seed Keeper’s Harvest section Rowen White explores all aspects of lunar based garden planning and planting in Lunar Planting; Following the Dance of our Grandmother Moon. In our Dear Patriarchy section, R.I.S.E.: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment announces and highlights the work of the R.I.S.E. Artist + Poet 2018 Fellowship Recipients: Lead recipient artist Katherine Paul (Swinomish Indian Tribal Community / Iñupiat NANA Shareholder) and additional recipeints Whess Harman (Lake Babine Nation) and fabian romero (Purepecha). Our Land, Water, Dignity section features a powerful article by Jade Begay titled Protecting Mother Earth: A Prayer for The Divine Masculine in which a call out is made for our men to step up to protect and defend our Mother Earth. Our Music Medicine section celebrates Laura Ortman (White Mountain Apache), Brooklyn based composer, musician, artist and collaborator. Our Photo Femme section features a photo spotlight of photographer Shondina Lee accompanied by a sweet Q&A. Our Food Medicine section features a delicious recipe for Wild Rice Stuffed Squash by Maizie White. And we highlight the healing words of poet Sarah Liese in our Word To Your Mother section.

May we always remember that we are Brilliant, Necessary, Beautiful, Fierce, Resilient, Loved, Goddess, Indigenous! We will continue to advocate for Indigenous SELF LOVE and SELF CARE!

Indigenous Goddess Gang
Editors Kim Smith & Ginger Dunnill