Welcome! Indigenous Goddess Gang November 2017 -Issue 2

Greeting Relatives! First of all thank you for your support. The emails, well wishes & praises we have received reassure us that the matriarch medicine is working & is needed! We will do our best to keep growing and learning and to share what we can. It is up to us all to collectively work to reclaim the power! 

This month's fashion shoot is in honor of our native cowgirls! November is when the rodeo season has come to an end. A year of training, traveling  & competing has come to a close. If you were raised on the rez, chances are you have a little cowgirl in you too! Caring for horses, cattle or sheep is a common way of rez life that teaches us dedication & true grit.  We had the honor of working with up and coming cowgirl Faith Holyan. Her fierce and kind spirit radiates in our November fashion shoot.  

Each month we will create a space for sharing medicine; whether it be poetry, food & seed knowledge, herbalism, music and more. This a space for reclaiming knowledge from an indigenous femme lens. Each month we will honor a different tribe of matriarchs in our fashion shoots. Each month we will continue to grow and share the knowledge of our matriarchs and share that medicine. 

Indigenous Goddess Gang is a space intended for INDIGENOUS people. We've had our land taken from us. We've had our cultures taken from us. We've had our languages taken from us. This is a step towards reClaiming our knowledge, identity and medicine!  This site is not intended for exploiting or appropriating.  Tread lightly and respectfully. 

"As a project which centers indigenous women, we also recognize the crucial work of our queer, trans, two-spirit and non-binary communities, and we acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do; to walk together, to reclaim our knowledge together and to move forward together."